Jardinería Dalmau Garden

The most natural solution

In Jardinería Dalmau, our Garden works as a whole so the experience in our facilities can be as pleasant as possible. Thank to a great walking and exposure area, our customers can enjoy the variety of trees, shrubs and flowering plants that we produce in our nursery.

In order to complement our production of ornamental plants, we have a wide variety of products; planters, substrates, wood elements, decorative stones and garden tools that will facilitate the decoration of your balcony, patio or garden, as well as the care and maintenance of the plants.

Our main goal is that both the individual client and industry professionals, can find in our garden center what they need in order to perform from small decorations in their garden to large and creative landscaping projects.

All the services you need

Furthermore, in order to make more enjoyable your experience when visiting our Garden, we have parking, playground, soft drinks machine and also delivery service for those customers who need it.

If you have pet you can bring it with you, in Jardinería Dalmau pets are also welcome.